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The Parish Pastoral Council exercises a crucial role of leadership in the parish. Every ministry and organization in the parish falls under one of the five Commissions.

Chairperson: Rev. Mathew Panackachira

Secretary: Barbara Connolly

Liturgy and Prayer Commissioners: Ben and Rebekah Dedwylder

Community-Building Commissioners: Scott and Sarah Schoefernacker

Formation Commissioners: Joee and Julie Nagem

Social Ministry Commissioners: Leo and Barbara Connolly

Evangelization Commissioners: Deacon Werner and Provie Rose

The Parish Finance Council advises and assists the Pastor in administering the financial affairs (budgeting, accounting, and development) and the physical plant management (building & grounds) of the parish. Members of the council, all appointed by the pastor, are involved in the preparation of the annual budget and in any necessary fund-raising efforts, including the Bishop’s Appeal. Regular offertory contributions, combined with all other areas of giving, allow parishioners to live our Stewardship of Treasure.

Chairperson: Ralph Gabb

Appointed members: William Abraham, Bob Brenner, Bill Demetriou, Audrey Matheson, and Bridget Sullivan

Bookkeeper: Linda Aljundi ……………………………